Confessions of Fort Worth, Texas

I have a confession to make to you all… this may possibly be one of my top highlighted blogging posts ever. Reason being, I’m highlighting my favorite city in Texas and the place I’ve called home the past two years, Fort Worth! This bell of a city offers some of the best art museums, live music, gorgeous sunsets, warmest people, and perfect landscapes in which I’ve been able to snap up some ideal shots! Do enjoy the beauty that surrounds my daily life and those near and dear to me, because as you will see she’s a wonderful place to call home:












If you are in the DFW area, book us:

Please note:
All photographs contained herein have been taken and/or edited by Stephanie C. Perkins. Please do not copy and/or reproduce the same without express written permission from the photographer. Thank you kindly!


4 thoughts on “Confessions of Fort Worth, Texas

  1. Very nice! I note that you love bridges – that may be a way you note your crossing from just a face in the crowd to an active observer of life. I do love the park scene. Keep up the good work – and keep observing…

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