Confessions of Daily Inspirations…

As I sit here feeling very much under-the-weather, I can’t help but appreciate the beauty of life. The beauty that surrounds our life and the inspiration that one can find in the smallest of those day-to-day run ins. If only we all had more time to enjoy these daily inspirations, we may begin to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, the people who surrounds us(whether they be near/known to us or strangers), and begin to explore all that we have yet to know in this lifetime. I like to discovery the unknown, because really isn’t life a beautiful journey all our own. A story we don’t yet know the ending to. Below are my daily inspirations, as well as my daily discoveries, strangers and all:

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Please note:
All photographs contained herein have been taken and/or edited by Stephanie C. Perkins. Please do not copy and/or reproduce the same without express written permission from the photographer. Thank you kindly!


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